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Sesame Spaghetti Squash recipe

Back in the day, my mom travelled occasionally for business. She was in sales – an occupation perfectly suited to her warm, engaging smile and curiously out-going personality. I fondly remember the treasures she brought home for me… She loved finding pretty things from new and different places. I credit her for instilling in me a… Read More

Grilled Honey Soy Pork Chop recipe

“Make it easy, and make it good!” Sometimes, that’s really all we require for dinner, and this Grilled Honey Soy Pork Chops recipe fits that bill perfectly. This is a quick little marinade recipe that will turn any cut of pork into something special. You really don’t need to season the pork chops before marinating… Read More

Amaretto Butter Cake with Pomegranate and Cream

Traditions are something we look forward to… They’re a means to celebrate. Traditions mark our special occasions and make them even more special just by being a part of the process. I love that “moment” when special becomes even more special because something familiar and anticipated takes place… When a tradition happens. No matter how… Read More

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