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Classic Shrimp Cocktail

There are probably as many versions of Classic Shrimp Cocktail as there are people who love it. For me, growing up in the marvelous Midwest, classic shrimp cocktail came frozen in round plastic grocery store platters with tiny cups of cocktail sauce. The only prep involved was allowing them to thaw, and voile! - ready-made… Read More

Grilled Salmon with Boozy Fruit Salad

Here in the Midwest, we tend to say it more often in the summer months: “I just don’t feel like cooking!” The temps are up, our attentions are focused on all things easy-breezy and fun, and all we really want to do is spend time outside. Who can blame us? But it is possible to… Read More

Grilled Summer Toasts

You know when you see something, and it seems too good too good to be true… But then you can’t stop thinking about it. So you finally try it, and it’s amazing. Yep, these beautiful little summer toasts were one of those things for me. I saw them on Sweet Paul last summer, and couldn’t… Read More

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