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Edible Gift Ideas and Recipes for the Holidays

Tis the Season! Whatever that means to you, and however you celebrate it, I hope you’ll think about taking a different approach to gift giving this year. I’m a big fan of homemade, handmade gifts just because they’re usually not something you can get anywhere else. They’re generally as thoughtful as they are unique, and… Read More

Apple Cinnamon Ribbon Bread

Sometimes, one of something is just not enough. When it comes to making apple bread during the late summer/early fall harvest season, one is definitely not enough. Given all the recipes I have just waiting to be baked, the fact that I keep making my three favorite apple bread recipes every year says something about how… Read More

Turkey Wild Rice Salad with Tarragon and Grapes

Having spent a good portion of my life as a floral designer, I've learned a lot about colors and textures. Working with flowers, greenery, branches and berries every day teaches you how the smallest detail can change the entire look and feel of an arrangement. The same details apply to food (which, given my background… Read More

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