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Lemon Fettuccine with Carrot ‘Noodles,’ Spring Peas and Feta

When I think of fettuccine, it’s usually the classic, butter and Parmesan drenched dish that (to be frank) is either stunningly delicious or totally blah and not even remotely worth the calories. I’ll take the first option, but have suffered the second enough times to But if given the choice, I’ll take this one. If… Read More

Colcannon Gratin with Whiskey Caramelized Onions and Melted Dubliner

Whether you pronounce it “graht-in” or “grah-taahn” this Colcannon Gratin is sure to throw you for a loop for one reason or another. Colcannon purists beware… I’m pretty sure I’ve broken all the rules (if any colcannon rules do, in fact, exist), but I offer no apology. I love cabbage and onions, and I most… Read More

Reubenesque Reuben Sauce

When I finally decided to make my own Rubens, I also decided to make my own Reuben Sauce. There are a million different recipes out there, and after playing around with just about every one of them I finally came up with a version that I really liked. I wanted a Reuben Sauce that didn’t… Read More

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