The Royal We

I often use “we” interchangeably with “I” in both verbal and written blog conversations. My husband once suggested this habit is quite possibly linked to having been a member of royalty in a previous life.

While I was “amused” (Ha!) at the thought, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. Although, there was a lovely, flower-draped elder woman in Old Lahaina who stated the same thing at a Luau many years ago. And, I will admit to being referred to as “Princess” on more than one occasion. And, while we’re at it, I’ll also acknowledge that no one ever seems to be surprised when my tiara comes out. (Oh, yes, there’s a tiara. A real, sparkly, pretty tiara! Doesn’t everyone have one?)

Actually, I often say we because there are usually so many conversations – past and present – that I’m thinking about when I’m talking and writing, that I feel it’s necessary to include them in some way. Not to be confused with “voices in my head,” the conversations I’m referring to are those shared with the awesome, incredible, wonderful, amazing people that I’m fortunate enough to have in my life.

“We” refers to the small army of fabulous folks who willingly and even unknowingly provide love, support, inspiration and material – in one way or another – for this blog. (And, yes, also for this “Princess”.)

Some fine examples (in no particular order) include:


My awesome and witty husband who believes with every fiber of his brilliant being that Bacon Fatte is my destiny.

Together, we whip up odd things at ridiculous times of the day/night based upon our cooking whims, occasionally over-zealous farmer’s market purchases, and habitually random schedules that undeniably cater to the night owls that we are.

He thinks everything I make is incredible. But, he’s also willing to let me know when I’ve missed a mark or two. (Note: The latter will never show up on the blog!)

Even when we’re not boating, he’s the kind of guy that announces, “Captain on Deck!” when he steps out onto our backyard deck en route to our beloved Big Green Egg Grill.

He can grill a steak so perfectly and deliciously – even in the dead of a Minnesota winter – it’ll bring you to your knees. The same goes for fish, poultry, and every imaginable vegetable under the sun. We’ll grill anything, any time of the year. Our grill, lovingly named “E2,” is part of our family.

Because no respectable deck party is complete without candles and music, Rick is also the Lighter of Tiki Torches and Deck DJ Extraordinaire. And, because he’s amazing on many other levels as well, he also answers to “Captain,” “Honey,” “Babe,” “Dad,” and “Uncle Rick.”

{Yep, I hit the ball completely out of the park when I married this guy!}


Before I actually met her, I used to see her walking in the lovely little suburban neighborhood that we briefly shared. She’s one of those people that you fall in love with instantly because she’s just a beautiful spirit. I could sense that she was a great cook, and I imagined that chatting with her over a glass of wine would be the bees knees. I just knew we’d be great friends one day.

And, indeed, we are. She’s that incredible, gracious and enthusiastic friend who always responds with “SPARKLES!” and “Woo-Hoos!” when I tell her we have yet another recipe in the works. Some of the unbelievably gorgeous produce that she and her husband grow and share inspires some of the dishes here. Thankfully, Carla and Brian – and many other friends with exceptional palates – are also willing to taste test our recipes and provide valuable feedback because we only want to share the best of the best here. Now that is friendship.

Mama Dorothy  

…Of course. She has so much to do with this, I don’t even know where to begin.

I blame her entirely for my obsession with “pretty” and “sparkly.” And that whole “Princess” thing? Yep… All her. She’s the reason that I own entirely too many “shiny” glass and crystal pieces, and anything other than “classic white” or “fabulous red” dishware.

Everything she shares comes with a story.

She has 100 year old dishes gifted to my great grandparents on their wedding day, and tiny silver serving pieces so delicate you swear they’ll melt if you breathe on them.

She salvages pieces long forgotten in the old barns on the Family Farm. Many of those pieces have absolutely stunning “character” – and she can even tell me how most of that “character” got there. In the process, she patiently confirms the details of the past so we can finally get it all down in writing.

She feeds my vintage Bundt pan obsession with reckless abandon, and clearly has a stash of kitchen-y treasures that we’ll be uncovering for years to come.

She’s even mastered the modern-day art of making igloos out of cheese for tiny little olive-bodied penguins so there’s something cute on the Christmas table for “the kids” to munch on. Oh, ho, ho… Yes, really! She’s that kind of rock star and we love her to pieces for it.

et al 

My “Food Tribe”… How do I love thee, let me count the ways:

My friends who get weak in the knees over fresh spices and shiny, new kitchen gadgets.

Those for whom discussing recipes is occasionally a religious experience.

The folks who can’t wait to try a new restaurant, or return to a favorite one because they do that “special thing.”

Long-time friends like Dawn, who shared the recipe that started it all

And new friends, too, like the brilliant designer/developer of this blog. Paul and his team performed miracles in terms of making sense of all my Wish List items and putting them together more beautifully than I imagined. I greatly appreciate everything they do, and couldn’t recommend them more highly!

Check out the tiny little heart at the very bottom of our web pages. It’s reminder that doing things with heart makes all the difference.


I could go on forever about those who have/had something to do with this blog… The point is: I can’t help using the term “we” as often as I do because the best things in life are meant to be shared. I’m all too happy to share the love – and deliciousness – with everyone who has contributed to the “dish,” and now, I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you!

Thanks for being here!

All the best,